Ingredients of successful business

The company "AGROIMPEKS, founded in 1994, is one of the biggest Russian suppliers of raw materials for the food industry. The Company's range includes the ingredients for the confectionery and baking industries, snack products, dairy and ice cream.

About us

it is possible to present Activity of any enterprise in the form of a live organism.

Our company we associate with a tree.

All know that trees happen absolutely different: coniferous and deciduous, northern and tropical, dwarfish and huge.

But is three sign which each tree possesses are roots, a trunk and a crone.

Our tree has been planted in 1994. Since then we have seriously grown up, our roots have got stronger, the trunk became thickness, and the crone has got magnificent forms.

Basis of our tree, our roots, knowledge and the experience, the works saved up for many long years, reliable partner relations with manufacturers on all continents, constantly extending assortment, an effective control system of chains of deliveries acts.

Support, trunk of our tree, our employees are. Thanking their persistence and professionalism the company steadily follows forward, every year growing. Management of knowledge and constant training the basic priorities of our heads. Thus we don't forget about strengthening of command spirit: various êîìàíäîîáðàçóùèå actions are an important part of corporate life.

And, certainly, a wreath of our tree, its magnificent crone, our partners act. For today services of our enterprise already throughout many years hundreds companies of the food-processing industry successfully use. The list of our partners constantly replenishes both the Russian firms, and the enterprises from the countries of near and far abroad.

After many years our tree has expanded, has started up new branches, and now you can use services of our company not only in St.-Petersburg, but also in Moscow, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Voronezh, Ekaterinburg and Rostov-on-Don.

We will be sincerely glad to become the reliable partner for your business!